Know About Web Hosting Services

Web hosting service is a hosting service on the Internet that allows the webmasters to get their web site accessed through the internet. There are a large number of companies that provide web space on their servers for their clients and also provide normal Internet connectivity in the data center.

Website hosting companies can also provide data center space and Internet connectivity to servers that are not located in their data centers. There may be various types of website hosting services. A dedicated Perth web hosting is specially provided where the website is hosted for by the web server.

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Free website hosting services are generally ad-supported website hosting services. Generally on free website hosting all domains share a shared address followed by a website name and share common resources such as RAM and CPU, which makes the system slow.

On a shared website, hosting client websites are placed on the same server as many other websites and can share the same server RAM and CPU. The options and support provided in free website hosting and shared website hosting services are very less compared to pay website hosting.

In special website hosting services, users can gain full control of their web server but generally do not have a server. Another form of special website hosting service is a Virtual Dedicated Server where a number of virtual servers are created on one server.

This acts as if each user has his own special server. Whereas in the case of website hosting services, the server clusters host several of the same content which results in better source utilization and better performance and control of traffic on the server.